Financial struggles

I'm kind of struggling to pay the bills right now. I'm still looking for work.

If you want to help, there's a few ways.


The main way you can help me is by employing me.

I'm looking for tech work in Seattle (specifically software engineering or systems administration, open to DevOps positions), although I will relocate if the price is right. I'm primarily looking for remote/WFH, but I will work at an office if you absolutely insist. I will give my résumé on request.

I am also accepting contracts. If you need something done in a project, FOSS or not, drop me a line. I'll happily do it for you. My rates are relatively reasonable. We can negotiate it.

If you want to contact me about employment opportunities, drop me a line.


I'm a software engineer/system administrator/devops person with a wide variety of experience, particularly in systems programming. For languages, I know Rust, Python, C, C++, a bit of Java, and I can probably learn your weird language in short order. For systems, I am experienced with Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Gentoo, Fedora, you name it), FreeBSD, NetBSD, and a bit of Windows.

I am a very, very fast learner!

Tip jar

This is the less preferred option, but it still helps me a lot.

You can toss a few bucks in the tip jar: PayPal, CashApp, or LiberaPay.

— Elizabeth Myers (Elizafox) Fedi (elsewhere): Tip jar: PayPal || CashApp || LiberaPay